German Bel / Fasim

German Bel / Fasim

Germán Bel Ferrandiz alias Fasim was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in 1972.

Self-taught painter, Fasim started from an early age in urban art where he would become the pioneer of the Spanish graffiti scene.

He was fortunate enough to meet Henry Chalfant very early on and this meeting will be the centerpiece of his further development.

In Barcelona in the mid-80s, he met Futura 2000, where he learned artistic techniques on canvas and made his debut in the world of graffiti.
In 1992, he went to Paris in the workshop of Jonone and the BadBC at the ephemeral hospital where he lived for a few days. During this stay, Fasim was able to contemplate the birth of creation on canvas and the appearance of urban art in art galleries.

1992 is also the year he joined the famous crew of 156 Allstarz.

Back in Barcelona, ​​he studied at various art schools and regularly visited art galleries where he became acquainted with modern and contemporary avant-gardes such as Joan Miró, Clavé, Picasso, Antonio Saura, Antoni Tàpies, Miquel Barceló ...

Fasim considers his art to be urban expressionism, although his current work is difficult to catalog.

"(...) New York City police and officials claimed in the XNUMXs that graffiti was an entry-level crime, leading down the slippery slope to a criminal career. point they got it wrong. I have observed that learning graffiti has led many teenage graffiti artists to find brilliant careers as artists, painters, designers, editors and directors. I can't find a better one. example of this phenomenon as Fasim. " Henry chalfant

A major player in international urban art, Fasim now regularly exhibits his work on canvas and also produces large-format murals in festivals where artistic experimentation is his main motivation.

He currently lives in Valence where his workshop is located.

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