Quentin DMR defines itself as "a plastic photographer".
He experiments, diverts and redirects the gaze.

He questions the place of the photographic to restore what he calls a deconstruction of the image. It is neither a question of destroying representation, nor of accommodating one's stereotypes. It is a question of "remaking the image". To proceed with a fragmentation of the content and the shape.

The goal of his experiments is to encourage the viewer to actively participate in the reconstruction of the image. Because the real role of these cuts is to question the language of the image.

An immersive and philosophical encounter between the trace of a reality and the meaning that we want to bring to it.

Quentin DMR was born in Le Havre in 1988.

From adolescence he began to practice architectural photography and portraiture.

In 2008, after having started a career in trade, he decided to give up everything to become a social worker.

His practice of photography resolutely turned towards the human, retains, as in its beginnings, a share of utility and simplicity.

Inspired by contemporary photography and the “Supports / Surfaces” artistic movement, he combines wood, glass, metal, steel and plastic in his works.

Our gallery presents a large selection of original artworks by Quentin DMR which you will find below.

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