Dinara Hortnagl

Dinara Hortnagl

“Dinara Hörtnagl's paintings are seemingly unoccupied and unattractive XNUMXth-century buildings, sporting dark windows and cracked, molded plaster. A rusty Soviet-era garage, a concrete fence serving as the backdrop for the battle of light and shadow, streaks of paint on a firewall all present textures that are quite interesting to a painter. In this case, the stigma left by the street artists seems to be the perfect complement to the remarkably masterful works of Dinara Hörtnagl. ” Erarta Museum

Dinara Hörtnagl was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in 1988.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Repin (St. Petersburg, Russia) with a gold medal.

She is a member of the Russian Union of Artists. 

Dinara Hörtnagl occupies the 36th position in the TOP 100 ranking of young Russian artists according to the InArt ranking.

The artist lives and works between Vienna, Austria and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Solo shows:
2020 Urban rhythms - The gallery Steiner - Vienna, Austria
2019 Talking Walls - Erarta Museum. In collaboration with street artists: Stas Bags, Vladimir Abikh, Maxim Ima, Super 158, Dusto, Martin Aroe, Sasha Sam, Turben, Oskolki - Saint-Pétersbourg, Russia
2018 City - 59 Rivoli - Paris, France
2018 Dialogue - Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest Art Week'18 - Budapest, Hungary
2018 City - Metropolis gallery - Saint Petersburg, Russia
2017 Geometry - Vyborg Castle Museum - Vyborg, Russia
2017 City Vibrations - Galerie am Roten Hof - Vienna, Austria
2014 Room For Two - Open Club Gallery - Moscow, Russia
2013 Silence - Sufubi Gallery - Beihai, China

Group shows: 
2020 Vladey art auction - Winzavod contemporary art center - Moscow, Russia
2020 TemperatYRA - Pop up show by YRA community - Elektrozavod gallery - Moscow, Russia
2020 Art Patrol on quarantine - Omelchenko gallery - Moscow, Russia
2020 Squatting Research - parallel program of 7th Moscow international Biennale for Young Art - Moscow, Russia
2020 Alternative Reality - site-specific exhibition by YRA art community 
2020 Graphic ART Biennial of Szeklerland - Romania
2020/2019 ART Lihoradka ART Auctions 
2019 Exhibition of the 5th Urban Contemporary Art Auction - Ruarts gallery - Moscow, Russia
2019 First biennale of contemporary art “Art collaborations” in Komi Republic - National Gallery of Syktyvkar. Laureate Diploma - Syktyvkar, Russia
Artists paint SPb - subsidiary of the State Hermitage Museum - Vyborg, Russia
2018 SHE international exhibitions - 1 + 1 Art Center, Beijing / Treeland gallery - Florence, Italy
2017 Art Amoy Art Fair - Xiamen, China
2016 Exhibition 0/5 - 25 Kadr Gallery - Moscow, Russia
2015 Art Who Art Festival - Moscow, Russia
2015 Art Revolution Taipei Art Fair - Taipei, Taiwan
2015 City Sounds & Lights - Museum of Urban Sculpture - Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014 Archigraphics Arts Competition - Arch Moscow & 4th Architecture Biennale - Central House of Artists - Laureate Diploma - Moscow, Russia
2013 VITA-ART-TIME Graphic Art Festival - Mashkov Museum - Volgograd, Russia
2013 International Printmaking Biennale - Tatarstan Art Museum - Kazan, Russia

Art residences:
2018 Lubisha Vechandky Art Residency - Panchevo, Serbia
2018 Ari Kupsus gallery - artist camp - Iszkaszentgyörgy, Hungary
2017 GLO'ART Global Art Center - Lanaken, Belgium
2016 Elia Sabbato Art Residency - Rome, Italy
2015 Espronceda Center for Art & Culture - Barcelona, ​​Spain
2013 Sufubi Art Residency - Beihai / Nanjing, China

Simon Hewitt (art critic, journalist for The Art Newspaper UK) - Geneva, Switzerland
RuArts Foundation - Moscow, Russia
Ari Kupsus Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
ART & HOUSES - Moscow, Russia
Global ART Center (GLO'Art) - Lanaken, Belgium
Espronceda Art & Culture - Barcelona, ​​Spain
Hermitage museum (Vyborg filial) - Vyborg, Russia
Collection of the State Museum Vyborg Castle - Vyborg, Russia
Collection of the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts named after II Mashkov - Volgograd, Russia
Collection of the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan - Kazan, Russia

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