David Strauzz

David Strauzz

David Strauzz (b.1976) is a street / mixed media artist who currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic and is a resident artist in the Pragovka Art District.

Strauzz studied at OCAD University in Toronto before moving to Boston, Massachusetts, becoming an Artist-in-Residence at Braintree Street Studios in Allston. Its purpose is to observe and represent snapshots of existence in the shadows of society and of the human experience of those who cross on the fringes, beyond the mirage of mass produced and falsely advertised paradise and the " too glamorous double-sided selfie.

Often witnessing the razor's edge between chaos and order as applied to the “American Dream,” Strauzz envisions mortality, reason and self-identity / personality in a rapidly changing, relentless, and destitute world. excuse. It strives to challenge its viewers to consider their perspective on urban flow and decay, and our overreliance on technological advancements as a mechanism of interference in interpersonal relationships, communication and natural social behaviors.

Strauzz uses techniques such as collage, peel-off and assemblage combining mixed media and reused / found objects to develop an urban visual lexicon that can be used to describe truth and authenticity at an intersection between time and time. space. And to capture the cultural tone of civilization. All of this leads to what he calls “shadow realism”.


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