He never had the idea of ​​sleeping on the roof of his niche, never had a philosophical discussion with Charlie Brown, nor even a little yellow bird constantly by his side. However, it is indeed from the dog created by Charles Schultz that he got his nickname.

Dark Snooopy. Like the evil counterpart of the white and black beagle. His dark face.

The one who first expressed himself in graffiti, when he was in high school, under the influence of a class neighbor who repainted his notebooks with blocks of letters in color, he was intoxicated with fumes of felt up to to take it too to the game. Loose sheets then walls and urban nocturnal expeditions, in detail or as a central figure in the graphic debates, the dog is always in the game. Dark Snooopy officially becomes his nickname, and even his signature.

A nickname who makes a quick passage in law studies to quickly redirect his pencils towards design and graphics. A course made of tunnels not always captivating but at the end of which was a light: calligraphy. This ancestral art of drawing letters, Dark Snooopy learns it at the same time as it learns to handle the different feathers, inks and paintings. To play with their fluidity to practice Gothic, English or oncial.

Letters and their outlines became his obsession and took the place of graffiti in his illegal outings. Bombs, brushes, markers, they are exposed in all ways on Parisian walls. Letters that even the most expert can never decipher: rather than styling them excessively, Dark Snooopy preferred to develop its own calligraphy. His own alphabet, the result of an extreme mixture of all the types of writing he studied, practiced and discovered for himself. Borrowing roundness, angles, dynamism or grandiose to merge them in its particular language.

A language in constant evolution, made of abstract calligraphies which in their forms arouse as many emotions as if they really had a meaning. Canvas, walls, happening, or digital, it is always expressed in a composite of reflection and spontaneity. Because, if Dark Snooopy has drawn in his mind the general sketch of his work, the calligraphic part is decided with the inspiration and the mood of the moment.

As under the action of an automatic writing, the forms are then filled with these chimerical letters that we sometimes swear familiar. In a color code where white remains the favorite color, these explorations of shades and gradations, each will have its own interpretation and the feeling of really being able to read words there. To decipher ideas or even suggested slogans.

Unless Dark Snooopy really slipped real bits of the alphabet ...

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