Daco started to do graffiti in the 90s. With his first spray bomb in hand, he starts by creating classic lettering, flops and tags in abandoned buildings and wastelands, on trains and walls, writing his name everywhere in the Ile de France region.

His style evolved and Daco was quickly drawn to the WildStyle (a complex lettering style, almost illegible). For 20 years, he has been orienting himself in an unstructured, fragmented style in order to create a his own visual identity, a unique and recognisable graphic style. His favorite places to paint are abandoned factories and big walls. He expresses his identity in illustrations, with his series of animals which he calls "GRAFFAUNE”, contraction of graffiti and fauna, where his graffiti rubs shoulders with a bestiary of geometric and colourful looks that “rests” on different walls and in different art galleries in several countries.

Daco draws his inspiration mainly from the streets. Passionate about painting, graffiti, city planning, illustration, typography, lettering of all kinds and travel, he makes graffiti his passion.

Since 2016, Daco has been invited to exhibit his works in galleries and participate in many collaborative and non-profit projects : creating murals, participating in festivals, rehabilitating eco-districts, painting for individuals and companies, painting in schools, media libraries and hospitals, participating in auctions, workshops, as well as in French-speaking festivals and painting with the French Embassies (Sri Lanka, Portugal, Ireland, Tanzania, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic).

Daco multiplies his space of expression and adapts his work to different media and different commisions. He works in different techniques and paints both on walls and on canvas, metal, wood, plaster, paper, sheet metal…

Daco always has his sketchbook with him, he seeks to share his passion with others. To prepare a canvas or a wall, he works on sketches in his notebook, colours them, but depending on the wall, the place and the environment, there is always an element of improvisation at the time of creation.

Recent events:

December 2019: Painting on electric block with SNCF
January 2020: Car park murals at Palaiseau (91 Essonne)
February 2020: Fresco of 3,30m x 13m created for the company SOPREMA in Germany (Kehl)
April 2020: 30m x 2m fresco created for the MAS - Aubervilliers specialized reception center
May 2020: Painting on 10m x 5m tank (92 Antony)
May 2020: Creation of 2 windows for the Canada Goose brand, Paris 75008
June 2020: 3 Frescoes of 140 m² air - land - sea in collaboration with WeneedWall and the Mayor of Vanves (92 Vanves)
July 2020: Frescoes of 8,1m x 4m and 9m x 4m in the commercial area of ​​Clos du Chêne (Montévrain 77)

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