COMER OBK. His artist name is one of those who participated in building and consolidating the history of Parisian graffiti. Of those that have been printed daily in the retinas of thousands of people, with more force than a campaign orchestrated by the best advertising agencies.

Graffiti, an ephemeral art at the mercy of time. A programmed fainting which COMER OBK has been fighting against since it diverted the course of its spray on wall controls and decided to let it pour color on the canvas.

New creative approach, it is no longer a question of simply displaying one's name, but of making it the element of a larger painting. To put it in situation in its environment, with angle of view, framing and light. With photographic precision, the urban atmosphere of night trips, early mornings that light up the city are outlined on the artist's canvas to reveal rails, metro corridors, or station platforms.

Reflections on the ground, grime encrusted in the sheet metal or concrete, the sound of footsteps on the ballast, metallic rhythm of the bombs hitting each other, smells of paint: everything seems real and perceptible as the details get amplified.

The canvas takes on the appearance of places already visited and can then be exposed, last and travel. Fight against the ephemeral, fall into the hands of a collector who, perhaps, in turn will cede it to a new enthusiast who, in turn, perhaps ...

COMER OBK is also a speaker, author and editor of “Paris City” (2010) and “Marqué à Vie! 30 Years of Graffiti “Vandal” ... ”(2017).

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