Cofee is a self-taught artist. His school ? the meetings he was able to make in the graffiti sphere.

Passionate about calligraphy and gestures, the artist mixes his acquired techniques through numerous artistic creations, all with a view to finding successful styles.

For example, Cofee works on the creation of calligraphy portraits.

Cofee first expresses himself on canvas and paper and then quickly moves into the urban environment, in search of larger spaces. The artist is very interested in light painting and customizes his own lamps to create artworks in the form of light drawings.

Small feature: he uses both hands with the same skill.

Active member of the TSK crew, the artist Cofee has seized the opportunities to progressively make a living from his art.

Cofee particularly appreciates very large facades, such as the belvedere tower of Moutiers which he had the opportunity to paint with his buddy Rino.

We present a large selection of artworks by the street art and calligraffiti artist, Cofee.

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