Bust The Drip


Elusive and hard worker in his field, Alexis Bust Stephens or Bust The Drip is of Franco-Jamaican origin.

Bust The Drip is an artist who promises and who impresses with his talent.

Passionate about hip hop culture and open to the world around it, Bust The Drip is an activist in the noble sense of the term, who respects the principles of the Zulu Nation, Peace Love Unity.

His involvement in the musical culture of hip hop materializes through dance where he is sometimes jury and sometimes professional dancer.

The inspiration for Bust The Drip comes from an artist like Jackson Pollock and the street itself, among others.

The artist was able to combine in harmony the love of hip hop and dripping, a technique for projecting paint.

We present a selection of different works by the street art artist, Bust The Drip.




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