Involved in illustration and street art, Bouda merges these two disciplines by applying them on different supports and materials.

Born in 1994, the artist lives and works in Paris as a street art artist and illustrator on different supports under the name of Bouda.
Always fascinated by comics and press cartoons, Bouda develops a simplistic and efficient style often executed in lines (posca, fine black pen, etc.).
Going through caricatures of everyday life and a great fascination for the architecture of Paris and big cities, Bouda asserts his art as spontaneous sometimes childish and modern mixing illustration, graffiti and painting as well as textiles and interior decoration.

An art emphasized only by a single spray, a single stroke, spontaneous and without burrs. The artist Bouda likes different supports as well as various techniques, such as paper, wood, walls, digital, painting, acrylic pen, Indian ink and print.
The important thing for Bouda is to get his messages across, to make feel a maximum of things and feelings in a single stroke.

We offer a selection of recent works by the urban art artist, Bouda.

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