TOKI is a couple of street artists from Lyon.

From SpongeBob to Superman and the Simpsons, they reinterpret our heroes, our films, our favorite cartoons through this form of capsules.

Between their studies in graphics, design, architecture and work in printing, they appropriate digital tools that allow them to create new characters.

They combine digital art and printing to stick their capsules on the walls of Lyon, in the Pentes de la Croix-Rousse.

They then left to travel through Europe and Asia where they fed on all these different cultures, and took the opportunity to stick their capsules throughout their trip.

Since then, they practice different techniques such as drawing, painting, graffiti or wood engraving, to find the work of the material.

The TOKI duo are also embarking on wall frescoes to stage their capsules by imagining equally colorful and humorous universes.

Our gallery offers a large selection of artworks from the TOKI duo visible below.

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