KAWS “WHAT PARTY” now presented in front of the Seagram Building in New York.

« WHAT PARTY » de KAWS présentée maintenant devant le Seagram Building de New-York.

As KAWS continues its various WHAT PARTY exhibitions around the world, his sculpture over 6 meters high has been installed in his hometown. Organized by the Skarstedt Gallery in New York, the Seagram Building in New York now houses this very large bronze sculpture of the artist's famous CHUM character. 

The immense figure is a reflection of our time. At first, the character CHUM stood up straight or could even run. Now, the new versions of the character are slumped and seem to have no motivation. As KAWS explains, they respond to today's political and social unrest. 

This new bronze version presented in New York has slumped shoulders, lowered hands and a posture that seems to suggest a very long sigh. As usual, KAWS 'signature X-ed-out eyes and skull on the Michelin man-inspired body, are present.

Address of the work for the curious:
Seagram building
375 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10152

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