Street for Kids: 4th edition of the charity auction on September 21, 2020

Street for Kids : 4e édition de la vente aux enchères caritative le 21 septembre, 2020

Street for Kids: 4th edition of the charity auction

On Monday, XNUMXst September the XNUMXth edition of the charity auction “Street for Kids” took place with XNUMX lots to raise money for the Musée en Herbe, the only art museum in Paris dedicated to visitors "between XNUMX and XNUMX years old”.

The auction “Street for Kids” was founded in XNUMX and is organised by the students from the "International Art Market" Specialised MBA of the school ICART. This year this auction is especially important, because as many other museums Musée en Herbe had to be closed due to Covid-XNUMX, but its ambition is to open its doors to even bigger audiences, making art accessible to everyone, and particularly to the young people.

Like the previous years, the auction was organised in collaboration with ArtCurial, the French Auction House that regularly organises the most prestigious sales specialised in street art and graffiti, and the bidding took place under the hammer of auctioneer specialised in urban art Arnaud Oliveux. This year’s edition of “Street for Kids” as per usual brought together big names in urban and street art, such as CopeXNUMX, Daco, Jef Aérosol, L’Atlas, Shepard Fairey, Zloty and others.

The 10 most expensive works sold during the 4th edition of the “Street for Kids” charity auction are as follows:



1. Seth “Night watch” - 8100 Eur 

2. KEF! “From deep inside” - 7600 Eur 

3. SEATY “Hanoi” - 6400 Eur 

4. ZENOY “Aquarius” - 5200 Eur 

5. ZLOTY (GÉRARD ZLOTYKAMIEN) “Ephemeral” - 3950 Eur 

6. ZEST1980 “Untitled” - 3800 Eur 

7. JO DI BONA “Jungle gorilla” - 3800 Eur 

8. FENX “Death, resurrection and nobility. Trinity of the phoenix ”- 3800 Eur

9. RERO “Untitled (Blind Space)” - 3700 Eur 

10. ONEMIZER “Dream big” - 3500 Eur 

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