Street art and charity sales.

Street art et ventes caritatives.

Increasingly popular, urban art is gradually joining charitable auctions, inherent in the art world today. The increased participation of street artists is a guarantee of visibility for the associations that solicit them for this kind of event.

With street art, the relationship to the causes is quite intimate. Sometimes made especially for these occasions, the colorful works of this art accessible to all bring joy and comfort to people linked to these auctions.

As with any charity, the notoriety of the artists is a big plus. In this way, on March 21, 2019, works by Gérard Zlotykamien and Miss. Tic were sold at auction to help the Gregory Pariente Foundation which was created to prevent the dangers of teenage asthma. For this occasion, Zloty entrusted an Altaglas which sold for more than 3 euros. A strategy of associations on which they are increasingly numerous to bet, street art having gained a certain notoriety and respectability in recent years. Examples illustrate this, such as a Sik canvas sold at 000 euros by Rémy Fournié in favor of the Association Action Femmes Grand Sud, or the sale of a lithograph by the American graffiti artist JonOne at 1 euros for the benefit of Popular aid as part of a mission dedicated to supporting the most disadvantaged as Christmas approaches. Rather substantial sums that make a real difference for these associations.

The works created especially for charity events are a real plus with street art. There is a real desire to support the causes and a very intimate bond that is built. In Rouen each spring, the Norman association Table football for the hospital presents works by young local street artists at an auction. The latter customize scooters, skateboards and table football, as well as other objects. 

Street art is democratizing in the charity sector and has a very positive effect, both for the associations that benefit from it and for the artists for whom it is a springboard. 

The phenomenon is growing, and we hope it thrives because the essence of street art is to convey notions of sharing.

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