Street art city: the only residence in the world for street art is in France.

Street art city : la seule résidence au monde pour le street art se trouve en France.

The adventure began in 2016 in a wasteland abandoned since 1992. It became the only residence in the world for street artists and in just four years, a long waiting list was created for artists wishing to come there, with a number of visitors that exploded.

It is a unique place, lost in the center of France. The former France Telecom training center, abandoned in 1992, has today become a destination for street artists from all over the world. All this thanks to the dreams of Gilles and Sylvie Iniesta and the intuition of a couple who however bought without knowing what they would do with the location. It was in January 2015 that Sylvie had the idea of ​​making this abandoned place a place dedicated to tags and graffiti. In a little research they realize that no residency for street art exists and it is from this moment that the adventure really begins. It is therefore in Lurcy-Lévis, in the Allier region that the project will take shape. And if the localization (in the countryside) initially seems to be a fault, it turns out to be a great advantage.

Indeed, the potential is enormous. 10 hectares of land, 7000 m2 of buildings and 22500 m2 of facades to tag. The goal is to give visibility to little or unknown artists. A mini town entirely dedicated to artists and their creativity. The idea is to choose them solely on the basis of their artistic qualities. This right of residence should allow them to gain visibility and possibly use their talents to earn a living. They can stay there for two weeks to two months and are housed, fed, laundered, and all the materials they need, from paint to forklifts, are provided to them.

Since 2016, the number of visitors has doubled every year. French and foreign visitors. The couple's goal is to bring the artists as far as possible and possibly give them international visibility.

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