RÊVØLT : “I Rebel, Therefore We Are...” Albert Camus

RÊVØLT :  « Je me révolte, donc nous sommes... » Albert Camus

The beginning of the school year in September has often more of the feeling of the new year than the actual New Year. For HIYA Gallery, new year really started in September - with the first group exposition - “RÊVØLT”.

With the exhibition, HIYA Gallery puts itself on the map as the institution that represents contemporary and street artists, giving them the platform to exhibit their works and express themselves. Although The gallery's main platform is in a digital format (www.street-art.hiya.gallery), allowing the artists to reach a wider international audience of art collectors, the goal is to exhibit their works in real life as well by organising exhibitions in Paris, as it was done with “RÊVØLT”.

The group exhibition “RÊVØLT” took place from XNUMXth to XNUMXth September, XNUMX, at the XNUMX Rue de la Fontaine au Roi Paris XNUMX, France, gathering twelve graffiti artists, represented by HIYA Gallery: Bebar, Bust the Drip, Comer OBK, Crey XNUMX, Jungle, Lask TWE, MaxXNUMX, Moyoshi, Psyckoze, Quentin DMR, Siam and Team. During the XNUMX days of the exhibition, more than XNUMX visitors came to discover their creations, specially made for “RÊVØLT”.

The creative task given for each artist was to create a unique painting on XNUMX x XNUMX cm wall of facing bricks, echoing the environment of the actual graffitis on the streets. The works of graffiti artists are often seen as illegal and as acts of vandalism, but in reality there is much more layers to that. The message behind most of the graffitis is some sort of RÊVØLT - a revolt against the established order, a revolt against the senseless course of the world, a revolt against the liberticidal and repressive policies. Or a revolt against artistic rules, the dictated good taste, conventional and standardised forms of expression. These various expressions of the street artists find their place in an urban environment, accessible to anyone.

Each artist was free to express their RÊVØLT in any manner they wished, but with one rule to follow : to use in their works three colours - black, white and red. A touch of red in a black and white room, a few dark lines on howling carmine textures, immaculately repellent dark storms : the combinations are endless.

In addition to the group exhibition, few of the artists - Bust the Drip, Team, Jungle, Comer OBK, Bebar, Siam and MG la Bomba - were giving a big, blank wall next to the venue to paint. Surrounded by curious passers-by, the artists created big graffiti murals, each embracing their own style, but at the same time making it a cohesive large-scale work, where each part, created by the different graffiti artist, complemented the others, rather than clashing together.

For HIYA Gallery, “RÊVØLT” was just the beginning. More projects are on the way!

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