When street art pays tribute to the healthcare workers.

Quand le street art rend hommage au personnel soignant.

Even if the confinement has made the streets of Paris, usually so busy, deserted, the street artists have not abandoned the city's walls.

While people applaud every evening to thank the nursing staff, and the restaurant owners bring them comfort with their food, the street artists also pay tribute to the heroes of this pandemic in their own way. Indeed, some works have surfaced on the walls of the capital, including that of the artist Ardif.

Ardif is a French street artist who finds his inspirations in pop culture, the cinematographic works of Miyazaki, or even Star Wars. An artist of his time, passionate about urban art which allows him to deliver his messages to the greater number of people, reaching diverse and always new audiences. Following the movement of "land art" that emerged in the 60s in the United States, the principle is to use your own environment to create. Therefore, the artist chose the city's walls to display his works. As we pass by without seeing them anymore, the frescoes that cover these “invisible” surfaces catch our eye, stopping us in an unbroken thread of our thoughts, stressed by the routine. And as these frescoes surround us, they are the way to unite us. So, the artists bring us together through these works and call upon recognition and gratitude in this period of health crisis which, even if has put a physical distance between us, has allowed us to get closer to each other.

This collage, signed Ardif, we find on rue de Chaligny, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. This is his first post-confinement collage that he wanted to dedicate to doctors and nurses. We see a Marianne, a symbol of grateful France, and a nurse wearing a mask, both linked together with banners that read “thank you” in several languages. The collage represents the unity that the French people had to demonstrate during the period of social distancing and for which they will still have to make an effort.

As in all the artist's works, we find the mechanical cogs referring to mechanics, the industrial structure that separates man from nature. The mechanics that nevertheless make its beauty and its greatness and which, in these times of pandemic, made the heroes to whom we pay tribute today.

Street art once again has demonstrated its continuous need to share human values. The values ​​dear to HIYA which we strive to spread every day. Therefore, we find Ardif, as well as many other artists, on our online gallery which we created for the same reason - for unity.


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