Paris 13th: An open-air street-art museum.

Paris 13ème : Un musée du street-art à ciel ouvert.

It is one of the largest open-air street art museums in the world and is located in the French capital. Inaugurated on June 13 in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, it presents numerous frescoes which began to be painted in 2015. This is the work of 26 artists of eight different nationalities, a pretty reflection of the universality of this art. 32 compositions can be found in this museum, including an adaptation of a small poster by Marianne, produced in tribute to the victims of November 13, a Dr. House at the Salpêtrière Hospital or even famous paintings reinterpreted. Among the artists are famous names in the world of street art and the common goal is to reach the number of 50 frescoes by the end of 2020.

The neighborhood has turned into a real artistic niche, first by futuristic architecture and now by the frescoes that line them. A revitalization of this creative, intellectual and artistic district which also houses student centers and the National Library of France.

An inauguration that falls well after the deconfinement and the gradual return to cultural life, while the museums are still closed. If urban art is everywhere in Paris, this route of works is a marvel for amateurs and a beautiful tribute to this art considered as vandalism by some.

HIYA obviously invites you to browse this new museum and to admirer these breathtaking frescoes!

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