We present to you the artist of the week: Itvan.K.

On vous présente l’artiste de la semaine : Itvan.K.

This week HIYA Gallery invites you to discover Itvan Kébadian, known as Itvan.K, graffiti artist for more than 20 years and member of the TWE crew of which he is one of the two founders. It is very young that his passion for graffiti comes to him and it is only at the age of 15 that he creates with his classmate Sem'G the crew T.WE., well known today in the street art community.

The young Itvan.K learns the art of graffiti first in specialized magazines of which he uses textbooks, familiarizing himself with the vocabulary of the world of graffiti. His passion in him, he decides to orient himself in Plastic Arts from high school and it is at this time that his crew grows when 8 students of his class integrate the TWE He continues in this way and integrates the Beaux -arts of Bourges. A period he devotes to studies by putting graffiti on hiatus, while his comrades of the crew continue to graffiti. After obtaining his diploma, he decided to give up his fourth year and embarked on his artistic career by returning to Paris.

When he began to graffiti in Pantin on an abandoned customs building, he painted giant insects in black. Thanks to video broadcasting and photos, he receives a proposal from an architect who asks him to paint several dozen of his insects on a supermarket facade as part of an urban renewal project. Here is his first professional project, a great start in his career as a street artist. This is how the artist has since juggled between commissions and Vandal graffiti, between the street and art galleries. During this period he met Lask, a street artist with whom he painted more and more often in collaboration and with whom he ended up founding the committed collective Black Lines.

Itvan multiplies the works alongside his crew, which allows the group to acquire remarkable skills. The division of the large frescoes into characters, lettering, decorations, involves artists who, in this field, are specialized. This "division of labor" is a factor of quality. Each person's expertise is combined to serve a collective project. It is a tight-knit crew that made its name in the world of urban art. A love for Hip-Hop culture that unites them from a young age and that has shaped artists now recognized. Itvan.k is one of those examples of the French school of graffiti which today continues to give us as many pleasures as ever, whether through its paintings or its frescoes in the street to express the commitment of Black Lines.

Whether you are a fan of his work or just discovering, we invite you to take a look at the works ofItvan.K available on our gallery! 

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