Mythical works of Street Art

Œuvres mythiques du Street Art

Each week, HIYA Gallery looks back on the history of art and more precisely on the history of street art and its associated movements. We try to highlight the pioneers of this movement who have become legends, the mythical works that have left their mark in the history of street art, as well as important cultural events concerning the development of street art and graffiti, such as books rare or cult, exhibitions making reference in the history of the movement, films and other events.

We believe that in order to understand and feel the art of our time, we must constantly learn where it came from and what its roots are. That is why, alongside the representation and promotion of artists, we want to share with you knowledge about the history of street art.

Misha most


HIYA Gallery's series of legendary street art works presents a mural by Russian graffiti artist Misha Most. The work, titled “Evolution-2” is considered the largest mural in the world - a total of 10 square meters! For Misha Most and her five assistants, it took 800 days to paint with 35 tons of primer, 2 tons of paint, 2,5 lifts.

The mural was done to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the United Metallurgical Company and the 260th anniversary of the metallurgical plan in Vyska, Russia, where the fresco is located.

Thematically, Misha Most explains that he turned to sci-fi stories from fifty years ago - and a lot to our present time. The fresco includes elements related to science, chemistry, psychology, robotics and androids.




The series of legendary works of street art with a fresco by Cope2, born Fernando Carlo (1968), - an American graffiti artist best known for his colorful and textual graffiti. 

The mural was painted in 2014 on the famous Bowery & Houston wall in Manhattan, where the artist has depicted a mix of tag elements and odes to other graffiti giants from the past 30 years of history. graffiti.

The Bowery & Houston wall has been famous since 1982, when Keith Haring painted it. Now many other artists have taken it over. At the time, Cope2 said, "It's the best wall in New York. Most of the walls are in ruins now."

And indeed, its tags and vivid colors were stunning. @marthacoopergram, the legendary graffiti photographer, who took pictures of the artist at work, pointed out: "There will be wild style, bubble letters, tags and pieces, which is unusual for the Bowery Wall. "


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