Mythical works of Street Art II

Œuvres mythiques du Street Art II
Each week, HIYA Gallery looks back on the history of art and more precisely on the history of street art and its associated movements. We try to highlight the pioneers of this movement who have become legends, the mythical works that have left their mark in the history of street art, as well as important cultural events concerning the development of street art and graffiti, such as books rare or cult, exhibitions making reference in the history of the movement, films and other events.

We believe that in order to understand and feel the art of our time, we must constantly learn where it came from and what its roots are. That is why, alongside the representation and promotion of artists, we want to share with you knowledge about the history of street art.



HIYA Gallery's series of legendary street art works presents the largest illegal outdoor photography exhibition ever: “Face 2 Face”, by French artist JR. 

For this project, portraits of Israelis and Palestinians, doing the same job, were taken and printed in monumental formats and displayed face to face on both sides of the West Bank Wall in several Palestinian and Israeli cities. The purpose of this project was to understand why the Palestinians and the Israelis could not find a way to get along. After a week of traveling in the region, JR and his collaborator Marco had exactly the same conclusion: “These people are alike; they speak almost the same language, like brothers twins raised in different families ”

We all know that this subject is very sensitive at the international level, but through their photos, JR and Marco wanted everyone to be able to laugh but also to think when seeing the portrait of the other and his own portrait. Both artists support a solution in which the two countries, Israel and Palestine, live in peace with secure and internationally recognized borders. And they think we can be optimistic! 


Richard hambleton 

HIYA Gallery's series of legendary street art works presents Richard Hambleton, the New York street artist of Canadian origin known as the “godfather of street art”.

The artist's most famous works are Shadows, better known as Shadowmen - menacing silhouettes that lurk in dark alleys and shady corners. They became well-known figures in crime-torn '80s New York City, blasting nervous pedestrians off and sending already irascible taxi drivers around the bend. Sometimes they even scared the artist himself. During this time, Hambleton painted over 450 shadow men in New York City, and traveled to 24 cities across America, and later in Europe to do the same.

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