Street Art Legends - SKKI

Légendes du Street Art - SKKI
Each week, HIYA Gallery looks back on the history of art and more precisely on the history of street art and its associated movements. We try to highlight the pioneers of this movement who have become legends, the mythical works that have left their mark in the history of street art, as well as important cultural events concerning the development of street art and graffiti, such as books rare or cult, exhibitions making reference in the history of the movement, films and other events.
We believe that in order to understand and feel the art of our time, we must constantly learn where it came from and what its roots are. That is why, alongside the representation and promotion of artists, we want to share with you knowledge about the history of street art.


SKKI (1967, Paris, France) is considered a pioneer of the European graffiti movement. His first appearance on the urban art scene dates back to the 1980s, with the BBC crew he founded with JAYONE and ASH.
Using a wide range of materials, which allows him to develop a unique style, he unites Street Culture with the multidisciplinary language of contemporary art. His installations, paintings, photographs, sculptures and videos address themes such as risk, control, the internet, globalization, waste and consumption, urban development and the dynamics between private and public space.

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