The new cover of TIME magazine illustrated by Shepard Fairey

La nouvelle couverture du magazine TIME illustrée par Shepard Fairey

Street art artist Shepard Fairey has just produced the cover of the latest issue of the American magazine TIME (period from November 2 to 9, 2020).

The portrait, very representative of the artist's style, represents a woman wearing a bandana around her face on which the word “VOTE” is written in English. The words "VOTE" are also present in the background at the top of the work. 

This special cover made by the famous artist for TIME magazine comes with a complete guide on how to vote in 2020 in the United States. The guide goes through various topics related to these elections, from early voting to events that could arise after election night.

Shepard Fairey is familiar with political themes in his art work, but that's not all. Other recurring topics in her artwork are empowerment, rebellion, environmental destruction, racism, gender inequality, xenophobia, the military-industrial complex, propaganda, war and peace and economic imperialism.

The artist remains widely known for the “Hope” campaign (2008), creating a portrait of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama in red, white and blue. The poster has been described by The New Yorker art critic Peter Schjeldahl as "the most effective American political illustration since 'Uncle Sam Wants You'."

The electronic version of this cover by Shepard Fairey can be viewed here:

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