Banksy's latest work: a tribute to George Floyd.

La dernière oeuvre de Banksy : un hommage à George Floyd.

While you were told about the tribute fresco made by Itvan.K, the famous Banksy unveiled his last work in reaction to the death of George Floyd.

Anonymous artist hiding under the pseudonym "Banksy", he has known his name in the street art community since the 1990s thanks to his satirical art. Known worldwide, his favorite technique is the stencil he uses to share his political commitment with humor and poetry. Banksy is generally positioned on the libertarian and anti-system side, often punctuating and illustrating significant events in our history and giving his vision of our society. 

It is therefore not surprising that the British artist made the death of George Floyd, killed by the police officer Derek Chauvin; the subject of his latest work. The work was unveiled by the artist on Saturday June 6 on his Instagram account on which he is followed by 9 million people. We see there the portrait of a black silhouette posed near a lit candle which ignites the American flag. There is also a message from Banksy speaking about the BLM movement: “ At first, I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people speak out on this issue. But why would I do this? It is not their problem. It's mine. People of color are abandoned by the system. The white system ».

A strong message from this artist who touches millions of people and whose works always make a lot of noise. Banksy could not remain silent in the face of the scale of the demonstrations across the United States and Europe, and the image of his flag which catches fire represents in a poignant way the way in which the death of George Floyd was the gout d water that overflows the vase. A vase already overflowing in the face of the scale of police violence. 

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