Two new Jungle frescoes visible in Brive-la-Gaillarde

Deux nouvelles fresques de Jungle visibles à Brive-la-Gaillarde

At Chapelies in Brive-la-Gaillarde, two new frescoes by Nelson Mandela and Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî remind young people that they still have to believe in their dreams.

The street artist Jungle Raiddog ​​and the young people of the Chapélies district produced two large frescoes during the summer of 2020 to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela and Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî.

Present in the center of the Chapelies district, the two frescoes created by Jungle Raiddog ​​and the Chap'Crew represent two important figures for young people and residents of working-class neighborhoods: Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize, and Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî, one of the greatest Persian poets.

Their two portraits were made with vivid colors and convey a positive and dynamic outlook on life. They are accompanied by hard-hitting quotes: 

"It always seems impossible, until we do it" et “May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears. " 
By Nelson Mandela. 

“Yesterday I was smart and wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise and I am changing myself. "
 From Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî

Jungle wants to remind young people that it is always possible to grow, to progress through hard work, confidence and perseverance, by questioning yourself and by fighting to make your dreams come true.

About forty young people from the neighborhood helped the artist to create these two works. They were able to discover an urban artistic practice and its plural cultural influences.

This project aims to raise awareness of the sustainable development goals that the artist is developing with the 4D association. Each handprint located at the ends of the two frescoes represents one objective among the 17 ratified by the United Nations.

These two works were financed with a state credit from the ANCT (National Agency for Territorial Cohesion) in partnership with the City of Brive, the Agglomeration of Brive, the HLM Office of Brive and the Raoul Cultural Center Dautry.


Where to see these two works?
7 - 1 Allée Raoul Dautry - 19100 Brive-la-Gaillarde - France 

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