Discover the world of street art through 4 key documentaries.

Découvrez le monde du street-art via 4 documentaires clés.

This week, HIYA is sharing with you 4 documentaries on street art that will allow you to discover the whole universe.

Among them, a series of four “Urban Art” documentaries. These are documentaries co-produced by the Ministry of Culture and Communication which explore the little-known world of urban art. In 2015, he launched a Street Art support plan in order to contribute to a better knowledge of aesthetic diversity. The aim is to ensure long-term support for urban arts, whether it be acquisitions and commissions for works or support for exhibitions and festivals. Stéphanie Lemoine, art historian and journalist specializing in Street Art, offers a sensitive approach to urban art through these films by showing its plastic characteristics as well as its inscription in the history of art and in space. it occupies. The co-production of documentaries brought together by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Whoozart (webtv dedicated to visual arts), with a partnership with the CANOPÉ educational creation and support network. The series is built around four themes: "Places", "Transgression", "The art of guerrilla warfare" and "Trades - tools".

Art is in the street by Hugo Bardoula tackles the subject that everyone knows but that no one understands. While everyone has their own idea of ​​what a graffiti or tag is, the terms tend to get mixed up or swapped. This is why the author of this documentary decided to seek the answers to all our questions by interviewing 22 artists as well as 2 specialists (Thierry Lainé from the MUR Oberkampf association and Benoît Maître du LavoMatik).

To continue, we cannot miss the essential documentary Writers, third documentary that we wanted to present to you. It was produced in 2004 by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione, retracing 20 years of underground graffiti culture in Paris via archives and unpublished testimonies. We see how young amateurs, inspired by the New York phenomenon, have appropriated graffiti and made it evolve in France. A French street art school which has contributed to the development of a European style.

Finally we suggest you The Rise of Graffiti Writing - From New York To Europe, a documentary series by Arte which traces the history of graffiti. From its beginnings in New York in the 1970s, to its spread in Europe in the mid-1980s.

All of these documentaries are available online and will let you know everything you don't know, or rediscover what you thought you knew. 

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