Fight "Justice for Adama": the support of street-artists accompanied by HIYA x GDS


Sunday July 12, HIYA and the DJ collective of Sevran GDS (Good Dirty Sound) met around the graffiti artist Lask TWE to unveil a new fresco. In noisy le Sec, on the Romy-Schneider Footbridge, in a festive atmosphere, the street artists Lask TWE and Zoyer produced graffiti in honor of the fight "Justice for Adama". Comer OBK was also present. Between barbecue and music, a pretty world found itself near the wall to be baptized. A large fresco representing the portrait of the one who leads the fight for justice on behalf of her brother and all those who fell under the violence of police blunders was produced during the Live. We therefore see the face of Assa Traore, a figure of anti-racism in France, blindfolded and dressed in the “Justice For Adama” t-shirt, a symbol reminiscent of the fight against police violence.

Described as a “powerful woman” in the program “Les pieds sur Terre” by Sonia Kronlund on France Culture, Assa Traoré, present with HIYA and Lask on Sunday, spoke for a dedicated fight for justice since the death of his brother on July 19, 2016 at the Persian gendarmerie following an arrest. Her strength is drawn from the union of her family and her values. A family struggle that touched thousands of French people who follow and support the movement. On June 13, Place de la République, there were about 15 of them supporting the fight against racism.

Lask TWE, author of the fresco, is known for his committed graffiti, especially within the Black Lines movement which he is at the origin with Itvan-K. The goal is to send social messages through their art, a goal he honored this Sunday by bringing his "bomb" to the building by supporting in his own way the movement of Assa Traoré.

On the occasion of the creation of this new fresco, our media HIYA wanted to reaffirm its support for the movement by doing what it does best: celebrating street-art.

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