Banksy admits to having made the new work that appeared in Nottingham.

Banksy concède avoir réalisé la nouvelle œuvre apparue à Nottingham.

Banksy, the British street artist confirmed this week that he had made the new work of art that appeared in Nottingham, a city in central England.

The work appeared outside a beauty salon in the English city, located at the junction of Rothesay Avenue and Ilkeston Road in Lenton, a residential area. 

The artwork shows a young girl hula hooping with a bicycle tire. Next to the work is a bicycle, padlocked to a post, which lacks the rear wheel.

Saturday morning, Banksy posted a photo of the work on his Instagram account, confirming that he was the creator. 

Its official confirmation led to the arrival of many people wishing to be photographed next to the work of the street artist, leading to the intervention of the police.

Banksy began painting the trains and walls of his hometown of Bristol in the 1990s and quickly became known around the world for the messages his works convey.

Banksy's artwork is famous for making fun of big business capitalists and delivering political messages. 

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