Xavi Ceerre

Xavi Ceerre

Xavi Ceerre is a Spanish artist born in Alcoy who lives and works in Barcelona. His main medium is painting, but he also uses other languages ​​of expression, such as coding, music, animation or installation.

He feels particularly drawn to the'public space and the way people interact with it, especially games of'children, graffiti and spontaneous artistic expressions found on the streets. He documents these interactions and keeps a personal archive that he consults during his creation process.

Xavi Ceerre has an MA in Painting from Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea University in Bilbao, Spain.

He has participated in festivals like MIRA Digital Arts Festival BCN, LOOM Festival BCN, Ús Barcelona, ​​Urban Skills (Alcoy) or Ex Abrupto (Tarragona).

He was artist in residence at ZAWP (Bilbao), Bilbaoarte, Piramidón Center D'Contemporary Art from Barcelona, ​​Fabra i Coats (BCN) and Nautilus Lanzarote in the Canaries

His work is present in public and private art collections in Spain, Peru, Switzerland, England, the Netherlands and the United States. Among them, it is worth noting the acquisition of a large format painting (5x2m) by the company Bacardí which is currently on display at its head office in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

“As an artist, I prefer to make things happen. My creative process is sort of experimental. I like to act first and think about what happened later. "

Solo Shows (selection) :

2020 - Polygon Flower @ ZAWP. Bilbao, ES
2019 - ESPLAI @ Galería Juan Manuel Lumbreras. Bilbao, ES
2018 - Playtime @ HQ Barcelona. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2018 - Bad Gait @ 33/45 Gallery. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2017 - La Caída de Europa @ Hospi7a7e7. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain
2017 - COLLA @ Zechinno Fine Art. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2016 - Qualia @ Dou Dou. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2016 - ALBA @ Miscelanea. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2015 - Etane Sissy (Part II) @ Discos Paradiso. Barcelona, ​​Spain 2015 - Etane Sissy @ 33/45 Gallery. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Group Shows (selection) :

2020 - QUARANTINE GALLERY @ WWW. (Created and Curated)
2020 - MP19 @ Civivox Iturrama. Pamplona, ​​Spain
2020 - Estás, Están @ Sala Araba. Vitoria, Spain
2019 - 2019_n3 @ Piramidón. Contemporary Art Center. Barcelona, ​​Spain 2019 - Prólogo @ Sala Araba. Vitoria, Spain
2019 - GGQNGCP Vol.02 @ Contorno Urbano. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain
2019 - 2019_n2 @ Piramidón. Contemporary Art Center. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2019 - LOOM Festival @ Utopia 126. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2019 - 2019_n1 @ Piramidón. Contemporary Art Center. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2019 - 12 + 1, Mostra d'Art Urbà Contemporani @ CC Urgell. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2019 - Art Lover Ground BCN # 13 The International Art Event @
Espronceda Art and Culture Center. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2019 - EXPO @ El Altillo. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

Grants / Prizes:

ZAWP - Artist in Residency. Bilbao, ES 2020.
Bilbaoarte Fundazioa - Production. Bilbao, ES 2020.
Residencia Nautilus - Artist in Residency. Lanzarote, ES 2019.
Piramidón Center d'Art Contemporani - Artist in Residency. Barcelona, ​​ES 2019.
Bilbaoarte Fundazioa - Artist in Residency. Bilbao, ES 2018. Tecla Sala 12 + 1 - Selected Artist. Barcelona, ​​ES 2016.
Miscelanea Open Call - Selected Artist. Barcelona, ​​ES 2016.
Mira Festival - Artist in Residency. Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, ​​ES 2012.

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