Viktoria Oreshko

Viktoria Oreshko

Viktoria Oreshko is a young painter of'Ukrainian origin. 

Having also studied in Montreal, Viktoria graduated in monumental painting from the'Academy of Fine Arts of Lviv (Ukraine) and of Fine Arts of Bordeaux. 

In her practice, she often works with the human body. She tries to play with the obvious senses in terms of corporeality, but also to endow them with messages. Viktoria s'interested in personal or collective memories with a social or political implication. In his works, the body represents the'individual without sex and without age, without context of'belonging or personification. The exposed body n'is itself more l'object of manifestation of beauty or desire. Society is the collective body which serves as an intermediary between the individual subject and society. Bodies are the place where individuals get lost and where ideas are determined. 

His painting is located at the junction of abstraction and figuration. L'The anatomy of her bodies is intentionally distorted and exaggerated as she seeks to endow them with sensuality and emotionality. As for the colors, they carry conceptual meanings. Likewise, they present many simultaneous contrasts. Viktoria questions the primary essences of colors, their dynamism and their stability. She explores their vibrations, their characters and their influences. 

This last time she is working on the question of the bifurcation of cultural identity as a component of the concept of personality. She perceives the'identity as a set of ideas, characteristics, norms and forms of behavior that change under pressure from the environment or individuals in the context of'a culture. She examines this issue through her personal experience as a'Ukrainian. In her latest painting series, she talks about the crowd and its political role through the symbolic color language of the 2004 Orange Revolution.


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