Johannes Brechter

Johannes Brechter 

Johannes Brechter (1979) lives and works in Munich, Germany. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Previously, he completed an apprenticeship in advertising engineering and sign making. During this time, he learned the craft of lettering and typography. He began to use residual materials from advertising technology and other recycling materials for his sculptures, collages, and installations, which also influenced his pictorial style. Over the years, he has gradually developed a more abstract visual language, which combines typography and illustrative elements.

Brechter's artistic work has its roots in the world of graffiti which always has an impact on his studio works, his installations and his murals produced in public spaces.

Training / Studies:
2004-2010 Diploma in Sculpture (with Professor Hermann Pitz), Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany
1996-1999 Apprenticeship as a sign and light advertising manufacturer


Fresco  "Diversity Rocks “, BIS, Munich, Germany
"Quellen Galerie“ im Witzemann, Stuttgart "sculturenNOW“ Kulturzentrum Thalkirchen, Munich, Germany
 "MunichPopArt 5 “, Schwabing, Munich, Germany

Fresco "Z-common-ground", Munich, Germany
Fresco "Neoglyphen", Bauzaun Glyptothek, München "38", Die Bergschmiede, Munich, Germany
"MunichPopArt 4", KÖSK, Munich, Germany

KVR Bauzaun fresco, Munich, Germany
Fresco "Trip the the Ozean", Sa Terza Metari, Sardinien ISART, Brudermühlbrücke, Munich, Germany
"Zamgemorpht", Bergschmiede, Munich, Germany

Mural „civicom“, WOGENO, Munich, Germany
„Outercircle“, kleine Altstadtgallerie, Dachau, Germany
Magic City „Writerscorner München“, kleine Olympiahalle, München „artificial idiocracy“, Raumschiff, Linz, Germany
„2xACHT2“, Provisorium, Munich, Germany

Mural "We Are All One", Sozialbürgerhaus Sendling Westpark, Munich, Germany
Festival Arte Popular Mexicano en Múnich "migrare necesse est, limes non est necesse", Die Färberei, Munich, Germany 

"Plastic People Party erobert München", Kösk, München "Signs of Confusion", Step Across Gallery, München Mural Deadline Festival, Viehhof, Munich, Germany

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