Dima Retro

Dima Retro

Dima Retro is an artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia, who has been active since 2008. 

Since 2014, he has created spatial objects and plywood paintings to develop visual culture and with the desire to make his works speak.  

In his works, the artist Dima Retro reflects on the theme of the impermanence, the subtlety, the transience and the exchangeability of our vision of the world. Without realizing it, we are constantly in a certain vibration and under the pressure of many factors that are trying to influence and change us.

“If you try to visualize this process in more understandable language, imagine the surface of the sea covered with a thin veil or polyethylene. This veil is our inner state and our attitude. It's in constant motion, it's very thin, but it's there, and it's very important to keep it flexible. "

The artist, at the level of his sensations, tries to visualise these processes. Symbolism plays an important role in his works. Nothing is accidental. Everything is cyclical. Everything flows away like sand.

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