Umberto Koso Lodigiani was born in Naples in 1982, began painting with spraycans in 1997. At the beginning he was inspired by the American old-school graffiti scene and began to express himself illegally, both on the train and on the street.

With the passage of time, Koso refined his pictorial technique focusing himself to the realization of characters and letters on large surfaces, legally authorized.

His style, from dirty drops to ultra clean details with maniac precision, upgraded a strong change after the "L.A. Gold Rush " experience in Los Angeles in 2009. The following summer he took part in the" Meeting of Styles "in New York, at the" Five Points "mecca of international graffiti, where he was able to confront the best American and European writers who came for the occasion.

Nowadays Koso creates individual and collective artwork and graffiti on walls and large surfaces by participating in graffiti-jam and events in Europe and abroad. He paints on canvas, which he exhibits in various galleries in personal or collective exhibitions and produces serigraphs and prints of his works.

His works are inspired by graffiti, by metropolitan art, by the environment that surrounds him, by the '' Pop '', and "Post-graffiti".

The subjects mutate and adapt themselves to new spaces, from futurism and contemporary art but also from everything they research and study. Koso aims to transfer its designs from the wall to the canvas, combining the concept of public art with private creations. Lettering do not disappear but is hidden behind new forms and personal reinterpretations of classic and comics icons.

The underground aura of the street where Koso paints is transmitted to the canvas, maintaining a classic vein and personal gestures in a condition of continuous experimentation.

Artist Koso was guest in various exhibitions including: the 55th Venice Biennale within the "Back 2 Back to Biennale" project, XNUMX editions of "Art and Fashion take shape" at the Bourbon Gallery in Naples , a collective exhibition at the PAN in Naples, the collective "Magma" at the Vanvitelliana casina for Stradedarts, a solo show at the V&V at Vomero entitled "translate" and the solo show at Ischia Street Art Gallery entitled Brush's Dreams curated by Salvatore Iacono and a collective exhition at Spaklers Gallery called Twentytwenty show in Amsterdam.

During his artistic career, Koso collaborates with some prestigious brands such as: Adidas , Reebok , Converse , Vans ,Tim, Osama, Ceres, Lavazza, Eastpak, Camel, Vodafone, Aperol, Thames & Hudson, and promotes and implements projects related to the spray art’s culture. The artist Koso is a founding member of the Bereshit Association, the first ACU (Association for urban creativity) in Campania, with which Koso has organized international graffiti events since 1999, the latest of which is the '' BACK TO THE STYLE ''.

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