Postponement of a rap festival in the XNUMXth century: "This affair reveals a certain form of social racism"

Report d'un festival de rap dans le XVIe : «Cette affaire révèle une certaine forme de racisme social»

The decision fell early this Wednesday afternoon: the Paris tribunal de grande instance dismissed the Boulogne les Princes safeguard association which brings together residents of the Jean-Bouin stadium, in the XVIdistrict of Paris. The latter demanded the establishment of records of possible noise pollution during the hip-hop festival "Revolution", supposed to be held Sunday in the Parisian stadium. Too late, however, for the organizers of the event dedicated to urban cultures, which was to bring together several big names such as IAM, Assassin, Kaaris, Fianso, Oxmo Puccino… The Hiya! Company, at the origin of the festival, had decided a few days ago to postpone the event. Abdallah Slaiman, its founder, returns to Libération on this controversy reflecting, according to him, the prejudices still numerous against rap.

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