Abdallah Slaiman: “With HIYA we want to give an essential place to artists”

Abdallah Slaiman : “Avec HIYA nous souhaitons redonner une place essentielle aux artistes”

The HIYA online gallery has become a reference in urban culture. Abdallah Slaiman, its co-founder, shares his vision of the digital art market and explains how this young company goes further to support its community by supporting the artists and creating original events. 

Abdallah, could you tell us a few words about yourself and your background ?

I grew up on horseback between Corsica, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, before settling in France to study law at La Sorbonne.
Resolutely cosmopolitan, with a great sensitivity to the cultural and social challenges of our time, I seek to propagate a vision of the world alternative to the acceleration and the dispersion that technologies print in our daily life.

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